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Our technological team works closely together with our tutors to find out how we can keep improving tutoring through the usage of technology. We develop tools that will help our tutors and students make some part of the proccess better.

Fair Share Learn Lab

Meet Fair Share

Find and share notes, essays and other studying material effortlessly.

Join groups

Find public groups or join the groups of your friends.

View files

Read essays or study from notes.

Share files

Share your own files privately and securely.

Up your studying game

Make use of a wide range of files to study even better.

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Meet Learn Lab

Keep track of your progress in school and reach your goals.

Set your goals

Set ambitious goals and aim to achieve them.

Be motivated

Our platform is designed to keep you on track towards your goals.

Track progress

Track your progress to see how far you have come - and how far is left to go

Add tutors

Allow your tutors to see how you are doing and let them gear you towards success.

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