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How we lead you to success

Unlike traditional tutoring agencies, we approach tutoring with your long-term success in mind. This means that from the start we gear your teaching towards being accepted to your dream university.


Our tutors guide their students through school and help them succesfully navigate that tumultuous period of their lives. They can help by preparing them for exams, giving guidance with essays or just making sure that the knowledge taught in school is actually being remembered.

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University consulting

Our experienced consultants help their students throughout the entire university admissions proccess. They can help by giving guidance on what universities and courses to apply to, helping with admissions essays or with settling in at the students' top-choice university.

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Career consulting

We guide our students through the proccess of getting an intenship, placement or fullt-ime job. With the help of our experienced consultants, we create an optimal path to navigate the roads towards your first experience of working life.

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Why choose Tutorium?

We fuse our skills and knowledge in technology with traditional tutoring in order to lead all our students to the success they dream of.

World-class tutors

Our tutors are some of the best graduates from elite schools and universities.

Virtual classrooms

We combine the comfort of your home with world-class education.

Matching algorithm

We match students to their perfect tutor through a powerful matching algorithm.

Technological tools

We are constantly creating new, advanced tools to make learning even easier for our students.

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Our track record speaks for itself.

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Meet some of our tutors

Current student at Trinity College Dublin

Marta Flor Cremades Tutorin ●IB Spanish A Lit HL ●IB Spanish A Lit SL ●IB Spanish B HL ●IB Spanish B SL ●IB Spanish AB initio ●IB English B HL ●IB English B SL ●IB English AB initio ●IB italian AB initio ●IB Mathematics AA SL About me Hello my name is Marta and I graduated from UWC Adriatic in 2021. I am about to start studying film at Trinity College of Dublin.

Current student at University of Edinburgh

I have graduated from Danube International School of Vienna in 2019 with 40 points overall. My HL’s were Biology, Chemistry and Psychology. SL’s were English Lang&Lit, Mathematics and German Ab Initio. Currently, I am studying Medicinal and Biological Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh

Filmmaking student enrolled at Bard College

I am very creative and approachable. I really enjoy art, movies and learning new languages! My hobbies include knitting, reading and learning some new recipes

Our world-class tutoring tools

Through our experience in tutoring and technology we constantly improve our tools and develop new ones.

Recommended by parents and students alike

Our tutoring makes a dramatic difference for the life of our students - just ask them.

"Both of my children have tremendously benefited from Tutorium and their amazing tutors. Over time, I could see the progress in their grades and overall attitude to school. Can only highly recommend!"

- Thomas Father of two students

"Big thank you to Tutorium and my amazing tutor for helping me get accepted to study medicine at one of the best universities in the country!"

- Susie University consulting student

"Tutorium has helped me improve my grades and get accepted to my top-choice college - something I could have never dreamt of before"

- Marcella IB and University consulting student

"I want to say a big thank you to Tutorium for helping me achieve my dream math grade. I was very satisfied with the way the lessons were held, the teaching skills of the tutor I worked with were and the great prices!! I can only recommend tutorium for students like myself"

- Felix IB Student

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