Terms of Service

Updated at 18th of August, 2021

Terms and conditions

  1. Scope
    1. These terms and conditions apply to all legal transactions concluded with Tutorium.
  2. Conclusion of contract
    1. Upon request from a customer, we will contact them and make a concrete offer for one or more tutoring hours.
    2. This offer includes the place and time of the agreed hours, their duration, the subject and the price. The appointed tutor does not have to be determined at the time of the offer. With the acceptance of this offer the contract comes into being.
    3. If it is agreed that one of these criteria will be determined at a later time, a contract is also concluded.
    4. In the case of a request from a customer regarding the purchase of documents or other scripts, the scripts for which subject and, if applicable, what topics are concerned and the price for which they are sold or bought must be explicitly regulated. If this is fulfilled, a contract is concluded.
  3. Provision of services
    1. Tutorium is entitled to have the required performance carried out by those tutors who are advertised online.
    2. If there is a discrepancy between the advertisement of tutors on the various platforms, the list of tutors that is longer is to be regarded as complete.
    3. In consultation with the customer, it is also possible to commission a tutor to perform the service, who is not advertised by Tutorium.
    4. All tutors advertised by Tutorium are subject to strict competence guidelines.
  4. Scope of services
    1. The basis of the tutoring is the subject matter in the agreed subject.
    2. The duration of the tutoring corresponds to the agreed duration. Should a student come late, i.e. after the agreed time, the duration of the lesson will nevertheless begin at the agreed time.
    3. The tutoring sessions are generally held as individual lessons, however lessons can be arranged with several students at the same time.
    4. Tutorium does not guarantee that a certain academic success will be achieved.
    5. Tutorium does not encourage academic plagiarism. Any material or feedback provided by the tutor is meant to aid the students’ understanding and increase their learning. These materials, however, should not be used for academic papers or projects which the student is required to have written on his or her own. If a student should use the feedback or materials provided by the tutor for such a paper or project, it goes against the explicit guidelines of Tutorium and thus we are not responsible for the consequences that plagiarism may entail.
  5. Teacher assignment
    1. Tutorium allows tutoring students to give a tutor preference. We endeavor to comply with this, but cannot guarantee that tutors will be assigned as requested by the student.
    2. If pupils or parents are dissatisfied with a tutor for justifiable and understandable reasons, they have the option of requesting a change of tutor. Tutorium tries to fulfill this request, however it cannot be guaranteed that we have another tutor available in the same subject. If it is not possible for us to find a suitable tutor within a period of 14 days, the student is entitled to get the money back for all unpaid tutoring lessons, minus a fee of 10 euros.
    3. Due to illness, job change, organizational reasons and other reasons, Tutorium reserves the right to implement a tutor exchange.
  6. Duties of the student
    1. The student is obliged to prepare for the lessons in terms of content and organization.
    2. The student should provide the tutor with his teaching materials so that he can adapt sufficiently to the lesson and the special needs of the student.
  7. Use of the service
    1. With approval of a contract with Tutorium, the student is obliged to appear at the agreed time at the agreed place. If the student stays away without being excused, the tutoring will be charged as if it had taken place regularly.
    2. All appointments and all related details are stored internally. Regarding your data protection rights, visit our data protection page on our website.
    3. Before or after a tutoring session, the tutor could ask the student if he or she would be allowed to take a picture of the student or the learning environment. The student can of course reject this. In connection with this, the question is asked whether a possibly shot photo can be put online. If the student agrees, Tutorium reserves the right to do so. Of course, the student is entitled to request that a photo with him or her be deleted at any time.
  8. Cancellation
    1. The student is required to cancel an arranged lesson at least one day before the tutoring date if the student cannot make an appointment. Tutorium will then try to find a new date.
    2. Tutorium reserves the right to cancel a tutoring appointment at short notice. Then an alternative appointment is also agreed.
  9. Prices and terms of payment
    1. The booked tutoring or tutoring hours are paid by bank transfer before the start of the first hour.
    2. Alternatively, it can be agreed that the student will pay the fee to the teacher in cash at the start of the first lesson.
    3. In the event of late payment, we reserve the right to charge a reminder fee of 10 euros.
    4. The applicable fee is the one that was explicitly agreed with Tutorium.
    5. Payment for the purchase of scripts or documents is made either in cash upon delivery or as a transfer after the scripts have been handed over.
  10. Right of withdrawal
    1. We grant our customers a withdrawal period of 5 working days, which begins with the conclusion of the contract. A booking with Tutorium can be canceled within this period, with no costs.
    2. If the first agreed hour takes place within 5 working days from the conclusion of the contract, the withdrawal period ends when the first tutoring hour is used.
    3. In all other cases Tutorium reserves the full amount paid.
    4. In principle, there is a 14-day right of withdrawal for the sale of scripts and documents via the Internet. With the express consent of the consumer, the delivery of the scripts can also be carried out before the end of this period. However, the right of withdrawal expires when the scripts or documents are handed over.
  11. Employment of the tutors
    1. Our tutors are not allowed to take on tutoring on their own account.
    2. The pupil or legal guardian is placed under the obligation not to employ the tutor arranged by Tutorium for his own teaching purposes or to arrange this on behalf of third parties.
  12. Copyright regulations
    1. All scripts, documents or the like sold by Tutorium are works protected by copyright. All copyright and ancillary copyrights belong exclusively to Tutorium.
    2. Duplication or distribution of scripts, documents and the like is neither permitted online nor by means of transfer to a data carrier, this also includes paper.
    3. In the event of a violation of copyright and / or ancillary copyrights, Tutorium has civil law claims to injunctive relief, elimination, compensation, publication of the judgment, etc. in accordance with §§ 81ff UrhG. Tutorium is entitled to the claims regardless of fault.
  13. Changes
    1. Tutorium reserves the right to revise the terms and conditions at any time.
  14. Severability clause
    1. As a result of an initial or later ineffectiveness of one or more provisions of the Terms and Conditions, the validity of the others is not affected. A valid provision closest to the legal and economic purpose then applies as agreed.
  15. Applicable law
    1. Austrian law applies – place of jurisdiction is Vienna.

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