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Who do we tutor?

Our tutoring focus lies on international school systems.



Master the International Baccalaureat

  • Tutoring in all major subjects SL&HL
  • Help in TOK and with EE
  • Help with Internal Assesments

GCSE and A-Levels

Master the British education system - anywhere

  • Tutoring in major subjects
  • Help for choosing A-Level subjects
  • Master GCSEs and set yourself up for 6th form


Master the Austrian school system - anywhere

  • Tutoring in major subjects
  • Tutoring in German or English
  • Help for the VWA


Master the French school system - anywhere

  • Tutoring in major subjects
  • Tutoring available in different languages
  • Crash courses for specific exams

Virtual classrooms

Our virtual 1-on-1 classrooms enable our tutors to hold their lessons with maximum attention and retention.

One of the most-used features is the whiteboard that our tutors often use to exlpain difficult topics.


Technological tools

We are constantly developing new tools guided by our experience in tutoring.

These tools are designed to help students learn more effectively and set them up for success in school and life.


More Tutorium features

Why choose us over other tutoring providers.

World-class tutors

Our tutors are experts in their teaching subjects and are recent graduates of elite schools and universities.

Tailored learning experience

Our tutors are trained in personalising the learning experience for the students. This means the students can learn at their own pace and in their own way.

Unbeatable matching algorithm

We have carefully crafted a smart algorithm that matches students to the tutors that they are most compatible with to make the learning experience even better.

Future-oriented learning

Traditional tutoring agencies set their sight on improving grades. We aim to set our students up for future success, for example by gearing them towards how to apply to universities from early on.

Recommended by students and parents alike

Our tutoring helps students all around the globe.

"Tutorium has helped me improve my grades and get accepted to my top-choice college - something I could have never dreamt of before"

- Marcella IB and University consulting student

"OMG I got a 7 on my exam!! Thank you so much for the help!!!"

- Alex IB Student

"Quick, effective and price-worthy. After signing up my daughter to the university consulting programme, she began to have more and more of an idea of what she actually wanted to study and where. After that, she went through all the required forms and essays with her tutor and got accepted to her first choice!"

- Jodie Mother of a university consulting student

"Thanks to Tutorium I was accepted by 4 of the 5 universities I applied for - this is something I would’ve never been able to do without their help, and for that I want to say a big thank you. Their inside knowledge/tips and tricks for the application process was amazing and they also helped me settle in uni-life very nicely. Was truly amazing working with them and i can only recommend them!"

- Oscar University consulting student

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