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The application to these elite institutions is oftentimes far more arduous than the application at other universities. That is why we have formed special teams to help you be successful in your application.

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1. Getting started package

Are you unsure of what you want to study? Does your mind switch between two subjects? Then don’t worry this consultation package is for you. You will be assigned to a department head who will discuss your interests and strengths and see what program fits you- all supported by completing a well known…. Questionnaire and personality quiz. Afterwards there is a follow up session where you will be presented with course options, pros and cons of each course as well as more information as to what these courses would entail. We will provide you with reading material about the university courses to further help you make this life impacting decision.

2. Application assistance package

If you already know what you would like to study but are unsure of how to succeed with the application process, we can help you with that. We, at Tutorium, have university advisors in different regions, including the US, UK and Europe who have succeeded in the application process. They can provide you with tips and tricks that will increase your chances of getting in and advise you along the process. Partnering with testing organisations provides you with the opportunity to book testing practices; like required for the universities in the USA, Oxbridge and Bocconi.


3. Settling in package

Once you have been accepted to your dream university, we are also able to further support you in the process leading up to your first few weeks at university. By having university advisors stationed in all major cities, they can support you with finding accommodation and tips about university accommodation as well as giving you an overview of the different societies and activities that you can join to quickly experience the exciting ‘university lifestyle’. We are able to provide you with a safe contact point as well in case you have any questions about the city that you are moving to and how university works. As university students ourselves, we know that this can be challenging, especially navigating difficult timetables and choosing elective units.

Success with Tutorium looks like this

Meet Anna, a successful student of our university application programme.

Student at Bocconi University, Milan

We guided Anna through her university application process and celebrated with her when she was accepted to Bocconi University, one of the best universities in Italy. Even further, Anna was awarded a full-ride scholarship, meaning she will study for free.

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