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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about our tutoring packages.

Yes, we also offer individual lessons. However, our philosophy is that the more time tutors and students spend together the greater the results will be. That is why we focus on offering packages that are designed to lead to the best learning experience.

Your package includes the amount of tutoring lessons that are displayed. Further, every packages includes a 15-,minute consultation with the tutor. This time will be used to get to know the tutor and structure the following lessons in order to maximise the learning experience for the student.

After taking a package, you can always extend the lessons with a tutor through our dashboard. This will be easier and will not involve entering all the details as before since we will have already found the perfect tutor for you.

We do not offer the possibility for students to choose their own tutor. However, we allow students to let us know their preferences for a tutor. The reason for this is that we will use our sophisticated algorithm and our experience to match students with those tutors that maximises the likelihood of success for the student.

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